Angels in the Sand

I see my love

Beside the sea

Walking on the shore

And turning there

She calls my name

Lost to me no more

We walk until

The sun goes down

I hold her by the hand

And laughing til it hurts

We make

Angels in the sand

Published by Bud Pierce justplainbud

Hi, I'm Bud! I'm an old guy that not too long ago decided I would attempt to document my childhood, write a few short stories, and the occasional poem. I really hope this works out for me!

2 thoughts on “Angels in the Sand

    1. It’s a reprise from one I did long ago. I sent it in to the Tacoma News Tribune and they actually put it in the paper! I didn’t use my real name LOL. My pen name was Richard Hoke. That’s what it was published under. The name comes from one of my favorite writers, Richard Bach, and Betty’s maiden name, Hoke. So, if you like romance, you should read his book, The Bridge Across Forever. He also wrote Jonathon Livingston Seagull, and others. He’s better than Nicholas Sparks, at least I think so.


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