Cruz de Ferro

Appearing out of the mist, like a wraith, an iron cross sits atop a monolith. Thrusting upwards through a mountain of stones, it points to the heavens, saying “come, lay your troubles at my feet.” And every stone or bauble or trinket, placed there by a weary traveler, holds a lifetime of burdens, willingly surrendered,Continue reading “Cruz de Ferro”

On Age: A Personal Struggle With Time

Lately, I’ve been experiencing the accelerated creep of old age. I’ve spent enough time getting older to realize that as we age, we slow down a bit, we ache a little more, we’re even less coordinated than usual. But all that seemed to come on gradually, enough so that it was almost undetectable on aContinue reading “On Age: A Personal Struggle With Time”


Christmas stories, and songs, and poems are tough. Either they’ve already been done, or they’re overly sentimental, or too long, or just sappy. I hope this one doesn’t check any of those boxes. Best of seasons dearest onesMay joy and happinessHold you in their warm embraceTo feel their soft caressMay fortune follow in your stepsLetContinue reading “Christmas”