Christmas stories, and songs, and poems are tough. Either they’ve already been done, or they’re overly sentimental, or too long, or just sappy. I hope this one doesn’t check any of those boxes. Best of seasons dearest onesMay joy and happinessHold you in their warm embraceTo feel their soft caressMay fortune follow in your stepsLetContinue reading “Christmas”

The Breakfast

Went to breakfast yesterdayNot too far, just down the wayAs I was seated in my boothThe server came, her name was RuthWith swaying hips and awesome legsShe asked me how I like my eggsI like them very much I saidBut I’ll have fruit instead of breadAnd even though I love it mostToo much carbs areContinue reading “The Breakfast”

Ode to a Self Driving Truck

A song with no tune, first came to me when a friend posted the accompanying meme on facebook. The lengths I’ll go to get a laugh know no limit. 🎵I kepper fulla diesel I washed ‘er ever’ day When I went in the Minimart She up an’ drove away🎵 She left me for a KenworthContinue reading “Ode to a Self Driving Truck”